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The Small Business Assistance Center (SBAC) is a private, tax-exempt, non-profit corporation formed in 1988. Its purpose is to train and consult entrepreneurs through information services, seminars and professional consultations. Last year alone, the SBAC responded to thousands of unsolicited inquiries for small business information.

The SBAC provides the following services for small business owners: Financial Referral Network, Consultants Network, Seminar Network, Information Network, Health Insurance Benefits Network, and Wireless/Long Distance Telephone Services all related to helping individuals successfully start up and/or maintain a business.


The SBAC provides a "free", one-half (1/2) hour office consultation to those of you who are just getting your business started. Discussions can include legal and tax matters, funding, insurance, etc.

As a small business owner, you can make use of or have access to the SBAC's "One-Stop Small Business Answer Center".

In addition to the limited no-cost office consultation mentioned above, the SBAC maintains a list of over 100 consultants from 20 different areas of expertise, including, but not limited to: Internet Presence, Law, Taxes/Accounting, Finance, Advertising/Marketing, Computers, Insurance, etc. These consultants are available to provide limited, no-cost telephone consultations to assist you with your business problems. Remember, this is at your disposal at no cost, so don't hesitate to use it.


Especially focused on the entrepreneurs just starting a new business, the SBAC conducts and sometimes offers discounts to business-related seminars. The topics may include, but are not limited to, the following: Developing a Business Plan; Pricing Your Product and Service; Whether or Not to Incorporate; How to Value, Buy or Sell and Existing Business; Taxes and Record Keeping; Advertising and Marketing; Internet Presence; etc.


Through our Medical Insurance Network, the SBAC can offer you (and your employees) different health insurance programs. Supplemental dental and prescription coverage is also available. In addition, through our Benefits Referral Network, we are able to provide life, disability, business liability and other related business insurance and investment products.


The SBAC offers discounted wireless telephone services and equipment through a network of authorized agents. Through the SBAC, your business can have the benefit of a large corporation discount plan for your wireless telephone services and can also receive discounts on telephone equipment and pagers, as well as discounted long distance rates and 800 number services.

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