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General Things To Consider

  1. Prepare a business plan (an example of your business in words & numbers).
  2. Consider business organizational structure (sole proprietor, partnership or corporation).
  3. Choose a business name (you don't have to use a business name).
  4. File a fictitious name form, if necessary.
  5. Establish a commercial bank account.
  6. Apply for appropriate tax numbers (Federal EIN, Sales Tax, etc.).
  7. Visit appropriate borough/township/county offices to determine what licenses/permits are necessary and to determine zoning regulations.
  8. Contact an accountant, lawyer, banker and insurance agent to set up appointments for consultations.
  9. Identify potential clients (attempt to locate near-by client base).
  10. Consider best form of advertising (Internet, newspapers, posters, handbills, radio, tv, mail, etc.)
  11. Identify suppliers of raw materials or inventory.
  12. Explore potential sources of funding the business (SBA, Banks, Investors).
  13. Develop an understanding of all the costs of doing business (taxes, payroll, rent, equipment, supplies, utilities and advertising).
  14. Consider type and number of employees that you may need to hire.
  15. Decide on trade journals and other periodicals that you may want to subscribe to in order to assist you in running your business.
  16. Analyze the competition in order to uncover your competitive advantage.
  17. Protect yourself with the necessary legal and insurance coverage.
  18. Don't be afraid to ask for help from those sources willing to assist you in getting your business launched and functioning successfully.

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